How to add New Image in Zoom Virtual Background (Fixed)

How to add the virtual background in zoom?

Even if you click “+” to add an image to the virtual background,

In some cases, you may not be able to add images, with the message “The image or video cannot be uploaded due to the restrictions set by the administrator.


In that case, visit and check the settings.

“Administrator” ⇒ “Account Management” ⇒ “Account Settings” in the left column

If the “Image virtual background” in this is turned off, the above message will be displayed.


The image that is OFF Click the switch of the virtual background and a confirmation screen will appear. Click “Turn on”.


The virtual background image that is displayed by default is displayed.

In this state, you can add a new image to the virtual background.

Recently, I’ve been in a hurry because I couldn’t add images during the meeting because I turned it off twice about this time.



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