How to add Q&A to webinar and Meeting In Microsoft Teams

Adding the Q&A app to your Microsoft Teams meeting will help you organize the way attendees ask questions if you are hosting a structured meeting, such as a webinar or meeting with a large audience.

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Before the webinar

  1. Click Edit > Add a tab (+) on your meeting invite.
  2. Choose the Q&A app if it is already available or search for it and add it.
  3. Attendees can be given specific permissions in webinar settings.
  4. Moderators can decide which Q&A questions will be displayed on the Q&A feed by selecting Moderate attendee conversations.

    Note: Moderators should be made organizers if you want them to be moderators.

  5. Select Save when you’re done.

During a webinar

Attendees can submit questions while a webinar’s in-progress. On the Q&A panel:

  • A private moderator view is available under the In review tab. Your attendees will be able to see the questions you choose and publish.
  • View published questions under the Publish tab.
  • If any of the questions have been dismissed for being irrelevant or duplicate, review them under the Dismissed tab.
  • You can filter and address unanswered questions in published conversations by selecting All conversations > Unanswered Questions.
    • Let me know when you are ready to respond to a question.
    • As soon as a question has been posted, everyone attending the meeting can see the answer to the question.
  • Make sure that you pin one of the most important posts to the top of the Q&A panel so that it is visible to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is the possibility of attendees to participate in a Q&A session during a Teams live event, if the organizer sets one up at the time of organizing the event.
Previously, Q&A was an app, but now that Q&A is embedded directly into Teams, it provides a simple yet powerful way of tracking and organizing questions as they are submitted during meetings or webinars, making it much easier than ever to organize and track questions. During a meeting or a webinar, the Q&A feature allows attendees and organizers to see a list of moderated questions and their answers.
Please be aware that you can enable or disable Q&A and comments at three different times: before, during, and after the event.

Before and after a meeting
  1. On your event page, click Edit event details.
  2. Toggle Q&A and comments on or off.
  3. Save your event.
Add a Q&A to your Teams meeting by clicking the + button. Click on Add. You can find and add Q&A by searching in Find an app for Q&A. Your meeting’s initial settings can be chosen when you add Q&A.


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After the event

The event reports, including the Q&A report, will be available for download after the event is over. Double-click the event invite in your Teams calendar once it has been added to your calendar. Click on the down arrow next to the Q&A report in order to access it.