How to adjust audio in Zoom

Voice communication on the Zoom platform is very convenient. With just one click, the user mutes his microphone and, if necessary, turns it back on. But in order for the interlocutors to hear everything well and there were no problems, everything must be adjusted in advance. This article will show you how to adjust audio in Zoom .


Versions of Zoom for computers and mobile devices are practically the same in terms of their capabilities, but the number of options available for change is very different in them. Or rather, in the first case there are much more of them.

For this reason, we have prepared two separate instructions. Go immediately to the desired section of the article and follow the proposed algorithm.

PC program

Setting up Zoom audio on a computer is a very important process. So we will analyze it in as much detail as possible. There are three ways to get to the options page:

  • Already being a participant in the video conference, click on the indicated elements:
  • In the main window of the program, click on your avatar in the upper right corner, and then on the “Settings” item in the context menu.
  • Only works when you are logged in.
  • Open the system tray and right-click on the Zoom icon, and then select the appropriate option from the list that appears.
  • Suitable for Windows only.

In any case, you will be taken to the program parameters. Use the side menu to navigate to the Sound section .

Now click on the “Check …” button next to the “Speaker” label . A ringtone should sound through the headphones or speakers. Adjust the volume slider if it’s too loud or quiet. And if you don’t hear anything, change the output device. As a rule, it is enough to select the “As in the system” mode .

Next, go to the “Microphone” block . Again press the button “Check …” and say any phrase in your usual voice. As soon as the word “Play” appears , it should be repeated. If necessary, turn off auto volume and manually change the slider. And if you don’t hear anything, then select another device as the microphone.

It also happens that you hear yourself at a normal volume and there are no special problems, but the sound from the microphone itself is of poor quality. Of course, the interlocutors will not be happy with this state of affairs. Check out the recommendations in our article “How to Improve Sound in Zoom” to get things right.

This page also has several useful options:

  • “Automatically enter the audio conference …” – the confirmation window for entering the voice chat will no longer appear. Turn it on if it bothers you.
  • “Mute my microphone …” – the interlocutors will not hear you when entering the conference until you turn everything on yourself.
  • Press and hold the Space bar … “ – when the microphone is off, you can holdSpaceon the keyboard to say a phrase. Everyone will hear her, but speech will be cut off when you let goSpace…

There are two ways to turn off the sound in Zoom:

  • In the conference window, click on the corresponding icon. It is located on the bottom left.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + A… Pressing it again turns it on again.

Mobile devices

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide special opportunities for adjusting the sound in Zoom on the phone. But there are some useful points.

When entering the conference, activate the “Do not connect …” option so that initially other interlocutors do not hear you.To then turn on the microphone, click on the “Connect” item and on the inscription “Call using …” .In the future, you can drown yourself if you tap on the microphone icon. It will immediately become crossed out.



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