How to avoid taking a commemorative photo with Zoom (Windows users only)

When you have a meeting or seminar at Zoom, or when you have a Zoom drinking party, you sometimes take a commemorative photo.
I’m using the computer’s function to capture the Zoom screen, but one person’s eyes are closed! What a pity it would be!


When several people gather at Zoom, I often want to leave that screen as an image.

In such a case , use the Windows key + Print Screen key to save the entire computer screen as an image.

If you’re worried about someone closing your eyes, you can press the Windows key + Print Screen key several times to choose from multiple images the one with all eyes open.


However , the Windows key + Print Screen is so long that I can only press it with my two hands.

When you say “High! Cheese” in Zoom, you don’t want to raise one hand or make a piece.


Then you want to capture the image with just the Print Screen key .

But with Print Screen, the last image remains on the clipboard after a few pushes.

If you hit Print Screen repeatedly and multiple images remain in the clipboard, this problem will be solved.


Yes, let’s clear this problem with a function that can be used only by Windows users.

It is, Windows key + V is.


First, try pressing the Windows key + V.

Then, this screen will appear, so click ”  Enable  “.


When ” Clipboard is empty ” is displayed, preparation is OK.


When you call out “High! Cheese” to everyone who participates in Zoom, hit the Print Screen key several times.

* If you hit it too quickly, the screen capture will not catch up.


If you press the Windows key + V after closing the Zoom meeting room, the clipboard will store as many images as you have pressed.


If you click any of the above with the image editing software or Word open, the image will be pasted.


Click “…” in the upper right of each item saved in the clipboard to display the menu.

[Delete] Delete
only that data.

It remains even if the PC is restarted.

[Clear All]
Delete all items except those pinned.


This is not just an image.

You can also use it to copy and paste characters.


Windows key + V

It’s very convenient, so please try it out.

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