How to bypass the 40 minute Zoom limit

All basic functions of the Zoom platform are completely free, in particular, this applies to the organization and connection to a video conference. But for this reason, their use is impossible in full, unless you switch to an advanced plan with monthly payment. At Zoom, the 40-minute limit applies to group conferences of three participants. Is there a way how to get around it? Find out from our article.


The most effective way is to switch from a basic account to a paid one. That is, connecting to any tariff plan. Optimally suited “Professional”, which costs $ 14.99 per month. Details on purchasing it are set out in this material.

Although the method is the most effective, it is not suitable for everyone. Ordinary users do not have to pay any money for communication in video conferencing. And what should they do then?

The easiest way is to end the current meeting and start a new one when the time limit is reached. Of course, every time you have to wait for other participants to connect. But if you send them links with invitations, then everything will become much easier.

Is there any other option for making a conference in Zoom for more than 40 minutes? Craftsmen have found one “loophole” that is suitable for the computer version of the program for Windows and Mac OS. If using a website or mobile app, it won’t work. Read the entire manual described, and only then proceed to action.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open Zoom and go to the Conferences tab.
  2. Click on the marked plus sign.
  3. Select the first item in the context menu.
  4. In the new window, be sure to enable “Create automatically”“Password required …” and “Other calendars”. Be very careful in this step.
  5. Now click on “Schedule”.
  6. Copy the entire invitation text (the “Copy to clipboard” button ) and save it in some document.
  7. Start the conference using the Start button.
  8. Send the link from the invitation to other members.
  9. Wait for them to connect.
  10. When a notification appears in the online meeting window that it will end soon, exit it by first clicking on “End …” and then on “Exit …”. Necessarily in that order.
  11. Another participant should go out with you in the same way.
  12. And at the same moment go back using the link that you sent him earlier.

As a result, the timer will be reset, and you can reconnect too. Repeat this every time the limit is almost reached.

The proposed method is relevant only at the end of April 2020. Over time, developers can fix the “hole”, and such a workaround will stop working.

Additional Information

The described workaround instruction is rather convoluted, so it will not work for everyone. So I would like to highlight one more important point. Zoom is not the only program in which several people can gather and communicate. It has a large number of alternatives with very similar capabilities. And they no longer have a limit on the maximum duration of an online meeting.

We have prepared material with the most successful analogs of the Zoom platform, available at this link. Perhaps, among the programs described, you will find exactly the one that is right for you.


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