How to check the network status of participants with Zoom

When having a meeting at Zoom, the audio of a participant tends to be interrupted. The image often stops.
Maybe the network condition is not good.
In such a case, there is a way to check the network status of that person.


When you are having a meeting with Zoom, you can check the network status of participants in three stages.

  • Good
  • not really good
  • Pretty bad

To check it, first click on the person in the upper right corner .

Then select “Fix Video”.

Then, the image of the person will be displayed in a large size, and an icon like a bar graph showing the network status will be displayed in the lower left.

his icon is white, there is no problem.

When it turns yellow, it is sometimes difficult to hear the voice.

The red icon can also cause the video to stop, the audio to be cut off, or the Zoom meeting to drop.

At the point where the connection is cut off, “The network bandwidth of XX is low” may be displayed.

Be sure to keep your network line up, especially if you attend a Zoom meeting as a host.


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