How to conduct an online lesson in Zoom

The Zoom platform is gaining popularity. One of the reasons is the ability to conduct various activities in a comfortable environment. But when preparing them, the organizers may have a question: “How to conduct lessons in the Zoom program ?” … They should worry in advance, because otherwise there may be many problems that cannot be solved on the go. Let’s deal with everything in a detailed format.


The whole process can be divided into several global stages:

  • Program installation.
  • Account creation.
  • Sound, microphone and webcam settings.
  • Launching a test conference for verification.
  • Start the main conference, invite participants.

We’ll look at each of them in more detail. And at the end of the article, I will mention the features that Zoom offers for online learning.

Directly installation

It is most convenient to use a computer program that is released for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, because in this case the organizer will have access to all the functions of Zoom. But there is also an option with a mobile application.

Links to two instructions:

  • For computer
  • For phone

Pay attention only to the installation procedure for the required platform.

check in

You can connect to a conference without an account, but to organize it, you definitely need to create it. The service is completely free, but somewhat confusing, so we have analyzed it in a separate article .


It is very important that you hear and see the students perfectly and they see you. Any problems with sound will greatly complicate communication, and in the worst case, make it impossible, thereby disrupting the lesson. So the program should be configured in advance (this does not apply to the mobile application). We will analyze this process step by step:

  1. Open the Zoom window .
  2. Go to the Home tab if it is not displayed.
  3. Click on the marked buttons:
  4. In the left menu, click on the “Video” tab . If you don’t have a webcam, then skip this step.
  5. In the “Camera” item , select a working webcam. As a result, a picture from it should appear in the window above.
  6. Adjust the aspect ratio – original or 16: 9 .
  7. Rotate the image and adjust the mirror mode if necessary.
  8. The option “Enable HD mode ” is needed to improve the picture quality. It should be activated only if you have fast internet.
  9. Now go to the “Sound” tab .
  10. In the item “Speaker” select your speakers or headphones. Click on the “Check …” button to test everything.
  11. Configure “Microphone” in the same way .
  12. Adjust the volume levels.
  13. Turn on the  Log in automatically …” option .
  14. Close the settings page

The “Virtual Background” function will be very useful in some cases. Its essence is to replace the background from your camera with any image or video. Detailed information is in this material .

Test conference

Now is the time to make sure you set everything up correctly. The best way is to start a test online meeting. First of all, it is needed to check audio and video. The method of its implementation is described here .

Useful functions

Before moving on to the final part of the article, it is worth describing the various functions that will help in conducting an online lesson. The most useful are four of them:

  • Broadcast your screen and transfer mouse control
  • Broadcast audio to all conference participants
  • Drawing on the virtual screen
  • Conversation recording

Inviting participants

The preparatory steps have already been completed, so it’s time to start the main conference and add participants to it. Detailed instructions are here .


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