How to connect with multiple zoom meetings at once


The feature to concurrently join various meetings or webinars via the Zoom desktop client enables users to simultaneously join or monitor numerous meetings or webinars. This is excellent for support workers that require simultaneous monitoring of several sessions.

After the option is activated, you may attend many meetings using the add-on URL or go to and input the conference identification. The Zoom Client Join button only works for the first meeting you join.

Note:  You cannot host several concurrent meetings simultaneously with this function.

Enable to join different meetings simultaneously on desktop


To allow all members of your organization to use this feature:

  1. Sign in as an admin on the Zoom web portal with the rights of editing account settings.
  2. Click Account Management and Account Settings under the navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Meetings button.
  4. Verify that various meetings are concurrently enabled on the desktop under the meeting (basic) section.
  5. If the setting was not enabled, click on the button to enable it. Click Turn On to check the update if a confirmation dialog represents.
  6. (Optional) If you want these settings to be necessary for all your account users, simply press the lock button, and afterward click Lock to confirm it.



To enable this feature for a specific group:

  1. As an Admin sign in to the Zoom web portal with the rights to edit settings of groups.
  2. Tap User Management in the navigation menu and after that Group Management.
  3. Click on the name of the relevant group from the list, then click on the button Settings.
  4. Click on the Meetings button.
  5. Verify that various meetings are concurrently enabled on the desktop under the In Meeting (Basic) section.
  6. If the settings wasn’t enabled, click the button to enable it. If there is a verification dialog, press on turn on to confirm the update.
  7. Note: Whereas if the option is gray, the account level has been locked and has to be changed.
  8. (Optional) To make this setting necessary for all the group users, press the lock button, and afterward, click Lock to confirm the settings.



To allow this functionality to be used by you:

  1. Log in to the online portal of Zoom.
  2. Click Settings under the navigation menu
  3. Press on the Meeting option.
  4. In the meeting (basic) section, check that you may join multiple meetings on the desktop if enabled concurrently.
  5. If the setting has been disabled, press to enable it. If a check dialog displays, press turn on to check the changes.

Note: If the option is gray out, either group or account level has been restricted and you must contact your Zoom admin.

Join different meetings at the same time

To join concurrently in several meetings, you may join the first meeting with one of the following:

  1. Click Join the desktop client zoom button
  2. Press the URL to join or
  3. Switch to and input the meeting ID.

You must use the join URL on your browser or enter the meeting /webinar ID on for every additional meeting you wish to join and the zoom client automatically launches the new meeting or webinar.


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