How to create a video conference in Zoom

With the help of the Zoom platform, any user can organize a conference (online meeting) with a large number of participants. The feature itself is free, but requires an account. The service does not have a convenient interface for everyone, so people have questions about its use. One of them: “How to create a conference in Zoom?” You will learn the answer to it from this material.

Organization of online meetings

As stated in the first paragraph, you first need to register for an account. Follow the required procedure for this instruction and return to our article.

You can start your own video conference in a computer program and in a mobile application. We will analyze each of the two cases separately.

Case # 1: PC Program

First, it’s worth doing a little tweak:

  1. In the main window of Zuma go to the “Conferences” tab .
  2. Open the “Upcoming” section .
  3. Click on the “Change” button .
  4. The ID can only be edited on a paid account.
  5. If desired, disable the login password or set your own.
  6. In the “Video” column , adjust the visibility of the host’s camera and other participants. During communication, you can still turn it on or off at any time.
  7. In the “Sound” column , it is best to select the “Phone and computer sound” mode so that users can hear each other immediately.
  8. Now click on the “Advanced Options” item
  9. Option “On. waiting room ”is needed so that a person cannot enter the conference without the permission of the organizer (even following a link). That is, first it is placed in the waiting room.

There are three options left:

  • “Enable entry earlier …” is useful when a meeting is planned in advance.
  • “Mute participants …” – when connecting, the user must activate his microphone himself, otherwise it will not be heard.
  • “Automatically record …” – the conversation will be recorded on the computer. By default, it is saved to the Documents directory, the Zoom folder .

Click “Save” to apply the settings .

Now visit the “Home” tab . Click on the “arrow” next to the “New …” button . Here, optionally activate PMI (Custom Meeting ID). If the “Start video” option is enabled , the participants  cameras will be visible at the entrance. It makes sense to remove it.

And to start, click on the “New conference” button itself .

Case # 2: Application for smartphones and tablets

On the mobile version of Zoom, launching meetings is available immediately after logging into your account. But to make it more convenient for the organizer and participants to communicate in it, first it is worth making a small setting:

  1. Go to the appropriate tab from the top bar of the application.
  2. Tap on the “Edit” item .
  3. Change the password, if desired, or remove it altogether.
  4. In the “Sound settings” select the “Phone and audio device” mode .
  5. Options “On. waiting room “ , ” Allow entry … “ and ” Automatically record … “ we analyzed earlier, so turn them on or leave them as appropriate.
  6. Click on “Save” .

To start a video conference, tap on the “Start” button on the same tab.


When the video conference is created, you just have to add new participants to it. The most convenient way to do this is to send each person a link with an invitation. But he can join himself if he knows the meeting ID and password. Detailed information on inviting people in the PC client and mobile application is presented in our article .


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