How to Delete a meeting recording in Teams?

Recordings are not able to be deleted from the system except by the recorder’s owners (whether it is the original owner of the recorder or any additional owners named by the initial owner) who are the only people who are allowed to do so.

  • Please refer to this page in order to learn more about deleting a meeting recording in OneDrive (for non-channel meetings).
  • This site provides information regarding how to be able to delete a meeting recording in SharePoint (that is, a meeting recorded via a channel).



  • It is expected that Microsoft Stream will no longer save recordings of Teams meetings as of early 2021. OneDrive and SharePoint are used to store all recordings.
  • You need to follow these instructions if you are still using Stream in your organization:
  • You can open the recording by clicking More options in Microsoft Stream when you are in Teams and view the recording in the chat history.
  • To remove an item from your Microsoft Stream account, click the Delete button on the portal.


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