How to deliver audio directly to participants when playing video or music via screen sharing in zoom

Have you ever thought that the audio did not reach the participants properly, such as when you want to show a video by sharing the screen?
It can be solved with just one check.


When you want to share the screen with Zoom and show the video or listen to the music to the participants.

If you share the screen without being aware of anything, the sound will only reach at a low volume.


To be precise, the sound from the computer of the person who shared the screen arrives through the microphone of that computer.

If you turn up the volume, you’ll be able to hear it, but it’s not a good idea because it also adds noise.


Click “Screen Sharing” and check “Share Computer Audio”.

Now, the sound of the computer sharing the screen will flow directly from the other party’s speaker.


It’s a good idea to give a seminar using video for screen sharing.

However, please be aware that if the internet connection of the participants is thin, it may cause jerking or freezing.

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