How to disable the camera in Zoom

Zoom conferences are arranged in such a way that when a user connects to them, the camera is initially activated, so that other participants can see it. And this can lead to various embarrassing situations that are easy to imagine. To avoid them, you should figure out how to disable the camera in Zoom . This is what will be discussed in our article.


If you have already entered the conference, then you can remove the video by clicking on the marked button in the lower left corner of the screen:The same option is available when you connect to an online conversation. Just check the box “Turn off my …” and confirm the entry:There is no need to activate it every time, just change the settings in Zoom once. Let’s analyze this procedure for a computer and a phone.

PC manual

You will get to the options menu in one of three ways:

  • Windows, without logging into your account: open the system tray, right-click on the program icon and select “Settings …” .
  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux, without logging into an account: in the conference itself, click on the two marked items in turn:
  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux, after authorization: in the main program window, open the main menu and select the appropriate item:

Next, go to the “Video” tab . This is where you will find the option you want. Activate it and close the options window.

Manual for mobile devices

Access to the application settings will be available immediately after logging into the Zoom account. In the main window, visit the far right tab and open the “Conference” item .And then tick the “Always turn off my video” checkbox .

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