How to display your zoom profile picture when “Stop Video”

 have a question, “How can I display my profile picture when I click’Stop Video’?” , So I’ll answer it!


Click “Stop Video” to enter the mode of “not showing” your video to other members.

It’s convenient when you leave your seat for a while, such as during a break during a seminar.

At that time, if you want to display your profile picture, do this.

For PC

1.  Access the Zoom web management screen and sign in.

2. Next, click “Change” in “My Profile”


3. Click “Upload”, select the profile photo you want to use, and “Save”.

For smartphones and tablets


1. Launch the Zoom app and tap “Settings”

2.  Tap “>” next to your name

3. Take a picture with the camera and tap “Camera” if you want to use it immediately.

If you want to use an image that has already been taken, tap “Select from photo album” and select the image you want to use.

Please upload your favorite “professional photo”.


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