How to draw in Zoom

Interactivity is one of the main strengths of video conferencing in Zoom . Participants can not only communicate, but also display various information on the screen, presentation, sound, etc. On top of the picture itself, you can draw something, for example, explanations for solving a problem. This feature will be very useful during an online lesson and in a number of other situations. It remains only to figure out how to draw in Zoom on a screen demonstration . Also in the article we will mention disabling this feature.


In the video conference itself, you need to enable screen broadcast. Any user can do this by default, not just the organizer. It is enough to click on the corresponding option, select one of the running windows and start “Sharing”

Now move the cursor to the center of the top border of the screen to bring up the broadcast control menu. In it, select the “Comment” option .

The toolbar will appear with the item “Draw” . Move the mouse cursor over it, and click on the icon with a straight or curved line of different thickness, a shape or an arrow.

Let’s take a look at some other useful tools:

  • Mouse – switch to the normal mouse cursor.
  • Text – drawing some kind of inscription.
  • Label – marks of different shapes on top of the content (asterisk, question, heart, etc.).
  • Eraser – erase the applied elements.
  • Form – choice of color, size of elements, fonts.
  • Undo – return to the previous action, analogueCtrl + Z…
  • Redo – returns to the last action if it was canceled.
  • Clean – cleans all applied elements.
  • Save – screenshot to folder.

The drawing function can be used by all conference participants. To make this possible, you need to call the demonstration control menu, click on the “More” button and activate the “Allow participants to comment” modeAnother user must open the “View settings” item in the program window and enable the “Comment” option .


To disable drawing on the screen for Zoom conference participants, click on the marked items in the top menu:


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