How to ensure attendance with more than 50 participants?

hen giving a seminar at Zoom, if you have 5 to 10 people, you can tell who is in attendance and who is absent by introducing yourself.
However, if there are more than 50 participants, it would take more than 30 minutes to introduce yourself.
At seminars that many people attend, it is difficult to manage attendance and absence.


A seminar with 40 to 50 participants.

It’s difficult to know who is present and who is absent among the people who applied.

How should I attend in such a case?


First of all, we will inform everyone who is planning to participate in advance as follows.

Please change your name to the full name in Kanji when you enter the meeting with Zoom or after you enter.


Being able to identify your name quickly during a meeting is also important when asking questions.

If the name is displayed as a nickname or device name, even if you try to answer a question that you did not understand at that time, you will end up with “Who asked that question?”


The method of changing the name is as follows.

When you try to enter the room from the join button, you will be asked for the meeting ID and display name, so you can set the name here.

If you want to change the name after entering the meeting, right-click on your image.

Alternatively, click “…” at the top right of your image.

The following menu will appear, so click “Rename”.

Change the display name here.

Now that all the participants have changed their names, it’s time to take a screen capture .

If there are 25 or more participants, it will not fit on one page, so move to the next page and capture the screen again.

Even if you have 100 people, just repeat this 4 times and all the faces and names will remain in the image.


Please refer to here for how to take a screen capture.


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