How to find an app in Zoom that holds a webcam (Windows version)

I attended a meeting with Zoom, but I can’t see myself on the camera.
When I read the error message, it seems that another app has grabbed the camera.
Now, which app is holding the camera?

When I attend a meeting with Zoom, sometimes I see my face, but the image is pitch black.

The error message says that the WEB camera cannot be used with Zoom because another app is holding the camera.

What are other apps? I don’t mean to start it …


Which app is holding the webcam?

To find out on Windows, follow these steps:


Click the Windows button, then click the settings button (gear mark).

The Windows settings will be displayed, so click “Privacy”.

If you select “Camera” from the left column, you can see the apps that use the webcam.

If you completely close the application that uses the webcam, you will be able to use the webcam with Zoom.

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