How to find out how to sign up for Zoom

When signing up for Zoom, you
can use your email address and password
, sign up with your Facebook account, or sign up with your
Google account,
but if you don’t know where you signed up, ??


There are three ways to sign up for Zoom, that is, to create an account.

  • How to use your email address and password
  • How to sign up with your Facebook account
  • How to sign up with a Google account

If you sign up on Facebook or Google, there are few input items and it is easy to sign up.

However, I wrote in the article ” Why you should not link with Facebook when registering an account with Zoom ” that you will be in trouble later .

This time, if you forget which of the above three you signed up for, I will write how to check it.


First, go to and click “Sign in” at the top right of the screen.

The My Profile screen will appear, so check your “Sign-in email address” here.

Notice the mark for ” Linked Accounts “.

For accounts signed up with an email address and password, it is an email icon.

Sign up with Facebook and you will see the Facebook icon.

When you sign up with Google, it becomes a Google icon.

Once you have a Zoom account on Google or Facebook, you can only sign in with that Google or Facebook account.

For example, if your Facebook account is hijacked, your Zoom account may also be hijacked if the hijacker knows that your Facebook account is associated with your Zoom account.

Given that, it’s very scary.

Please sign up with your email address and password as much as possible.


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