How to Fix Error 10003 in Zoom

Error installing Zoom 10003 is a very rare occurrence that users sometimes encounter. It occurs only on computers and laptops running Windows. But on Mac OS and Linux it is not. Since the failure is quite rare, it is difficult to find information on the Internet on how to fix it. We have prepared a detailed article that includes the most effective methods of dealing with it. Using our tips, you will definitely install Zoom on your computer.


The most common reasons for the error are:

  • Viral activity in the system.
  • Excessive temporary and junk files.
  • The presence of incorrect entries in the registry.
  • Damage to system components.

To make it more convenient for you, we have divided the solution to the problem into several steps. Follow them to deal with all possible causes, and then install the program.

Step # 1: Scan the system

The first step is to check for viruses on your computer and get rid of them if necessary. Any modern antivirus is suitable for this task: Kaspersky, Eset 32, etc. If you already have it installed, then run the scan in it.

We will analyze the procedure using the example of Avast, which is distributed free of charge and does an excellent job of protecting your PC.


  1. Go to .
  2. Click on the “Free Download” button .
  3. Accept the download of the avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe file if the browser asks.
  4. Next, run it and wait for the program to initialize.
  5. In the lower left corner of the new window, uncheck all additional offers.
  6. Click Install .
  7. The process takes approximately one minute. When it finishes, the antivirus itself will start.
  8. In the new window, alternately click on the “Continue” and “Start first scan” buttons .
  9. In the main window of the program, click on the “Protection” tile , and then on “Scan for viruses” .
  10. Activate the “Full Scan” mode .

Anti-Virus will start scanning the system for virus threats. The speed of the procedure depends on the power of the computer, but on average it takes 10-30 minutes . It is advisable not to use any other programs at this time.

If any dangers are detected, Avast will automatically eliminate them.

Step # 2: clean your PC

Over time, the computer is “clogged” with a huge number of unused files: program cache, temporary data, “tails”, etc. Their excess negatively affects the work of Windows. The solution is cleaning. The CCleaner utility is perfect for these purposes .

Instructions for use:

  1. Go to this page .
  2. Save the suggested exe file and open it. If the download does not start, then click on the marked link:
  3. Open this file.
  4. Make sure the language you want is selected in the upper right corner and click the Install button .
  5. Reject the offer for other programs (Sikliner browser, etc.) if it appears.
  6. In the completion window, uncheck Show Release Notes .
  7. Click Launch CCleaner .
  8. The utility will immediately open, go to the “Standard cleaning” tab .
  9. In the subsection “Applications” find the browsers that you are using, and uncheck them all. This is how it looks for Google Chrome and Opera :
  10. Click on the “Analysis” button and wait for the system scan.
  11. Then click on “Cleanup” .

Let’s move on to the next step.

Step # 3: Optimize your registry

During long-term use of the computer, a lot of unnecessary entries appear in the Windows registry, for example, from remote programs. They also negatively affect the operation of the system as a whole. But with the help of CCleaner you can get rid of them:

  1. Go to the “Registry” tab .
  2. You do not need to change any options in it, immediately click “Search for problems” .
  3. When the “Fix Selected …” button becomes active, click on it.
  4. Click “Yes” in the new window.
  5. Save a backup copy of the registry in the suggested Documents directory . It will come in handy for recovery if something goes wrong (but this almost never happens).
  6. Now click on the “Fix Selected” button .
  7. Wait for the procedure to complete.
  8. Restart your PC

If as a result of this procedure the computer starts to work somehow differently, then go to the “Documents” directory , open the previously saved reg-file , click on the “Yes” button , complete the procedure and restart again.


Step # 4: Restore Windows Components

It is likely that some of the system files that are responsible for installing programs have been corrupted. You can restore them using the built-in utility. You can run it through the Command line :

  • In Windows 7 and older versions of Windows, open the Start menu, go to the list of all programs, Accessories section . Find the “Command line” item , right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” .
  • In Windows 8 and 10, simultaneously press the keys on the keyboard Win and Qto open search in the Start menu . Enter cmd in the text box . Right-click on the item from the “Best match” block and select “Start from …” .

Now type the command into the command line:

sfc /scannow

To execute it press Enteron keyboard.

Step # 5: Install Zoom

It’s time to re-install the Zoom program to make sure the problem is solved. Proceed with the following guide:

  1. Go to the official website .
  2. Download the current version of the program by clicking on the corresponding button.
  3. Navigate to the directory where you saved the ZoomInstaller.exe file .
  4. In Windows Explorer, right-click on it.
  5. From the context menu, select the option to run with administrator rights.

The rest of the installation will run automatically. Open the program will exit either through “Start” or through a shortcut on the desktop.

Extreme measures

What should you do if error 10003 still persists? Most likely, its cause lies in serious damage to system data. In this case, there will be problems with other programs, their installation and use. The most effective and radical solution is Windows recovery. As a result, the system will roll back to the previous state when there was no problem. The corresponding option is located in the Control Panel .

You can run it like this:

  1. Click on Win + R…
  2. Run the control command .
  3. Click on the corresponding item. If you cannot find it, then change the display to “icons” .
  4. Follow the instructions.

It is worth resorting to this solution only as a last resort.



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