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Zoom in unified cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution provides a better video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across multiple platforms. Follow this article to learn about the basic features of a reduced app for Chrome OS.

Although the browser, operating system, the application can start or join a meeting, call, contacts, to meet with you, to process participants, as well as more and Chrome OS, the application does not provide all features are available in the narrowing of the desktop client, mobile app or web client.


This article teaches us the following concepts:

  • Sign in and join
  • Start a meeting
  • Join a meeting
  • Contacts
  • In meeting controls
  • Settings
  • More resources



Zoom app from the Chrome web store


Log in and join

After the release, the zoom, click on join a meeting without signing in. If you want to register and start or book your private session, please click on the logo.

Log in to use your magnifying glass, Google, or Facebook account. You can also log in with SSO. If you have a narrowing of the account, but do not remember your password reset your password.

Start a Zoom Meeting

After logging in, you will see the start of the meeting, the meeting options, on which you can select the following options:

  • The start of the video: start an instant meeting using the video function.
  • Want to start a non-video: start an instant meeting, as people with disabilities.
  • (Optional) select the check box to use the personal meeting ID(PMI)is the beginning of your Instant appointment with your meeting ID.


Joining to a Zoom Meeting

Click to join in the meeting tab, in the join in the process of the meeting. Enter the meeting ID or personal link name and click Join. You may also be prompted for a meeting passcode, so keep the meeting invite information available. You might also be prompted to enter a meeting password and then press and hold meeting invitation information available.


Also, you can check these boxes before the start:

  • Don’t connect to audio: If you choose not to connect to computer audio automatically, you will be prompted to connect to audio once you join the meeting.
  • Turn off my video: You will join the specified meeting with your video off, but will be able to start your video after you join the meeting.


Click on the “contact” tab to search and manage contacts. You will find a list of all contacts. You can also search for contacts. After you select a contact, see their status and information, such contact, and began instant meeting with them.


Click on the gear logo to access the settings.


The “video” tab

  • Activate the mirror effect of the horizontal flip of your video. This option is useful if the camera will turn your videos as standard.
  • Always displays the video in the preview dialog box when you connect a video conference on the representation of the preview of your videos every time you connect to a session.
  • Hide non-participants of the video: the collapse of the participants, shrink if they don’t have a video function. The thumbnail is a non-participant video that will display their name and profile picture if they have one.

Audio tab

  • Automatically join audio by computer while joining a meeting: Automatically join meetings with computer audio, instead of displaying a prompt to join.
  • Always mute microphone when joining a meeting
  • Automatically adjust microphone volume: Automatically make your microphone softer or louder as needed to normalize the volume and make it easier for other participants to hear you. If you are having issues with your audio fading in and out, you may want to turn this setting off..


Accessibility tab

  • Always show meeting controls: check to ensure the meeting control and the control is always visible, in each meeting. Otherwise, the meeting will be hidden after a few seconds of activity.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are also taking a look at right here.
  • Statistics: to view the network statistics for the audio, video, and audio-share meeting.
  • About Zoom: View the current version, Zoom company info, and a link to info about what Open Source software is used within Zoom


In the meeting controls

When you have started or joined a meeting, you can come to the meeting, the controls are located on the bottom of the meeting window (move the mouse out of the window, to show and check).

Learn more about the conference on the control of the main and co-organizers and participants. You can also join a Test meeting to familiarize yourself with the Will and control before you attend the meeting.


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