How to get the Zoom pairing code

The Zoom platform supports a separate service called Rooms. Its purpose is to create separate conference rooms that will be used to quickly enter a video conference. This service is available by subscription, but users are offered a free monthly period. You can connect to such a conference room using a special pairing code. So many are wondering how to get the Zoom pairing code? We will analyze this question.


This information is available only to administrators who are subscribed to the Rooms service. The password itself is displayed in the program window for the computer and looks like this:

It consists of six characters of the Latin alphabet (English keyboard layout).

And you should enter it in the window of the Zoom application and confirm the connection.


We have provided a brief summary of the pairing code issue that users have from time to time. That is, this information should be asked by the administrator or a trusted person.


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