How to hold a large-scale meeting of more than 100 people is quite troublesome in Zoom

Up to 100 participants in a regular meeting.
You can increase that number by paying an additional fee.
This is also explained at the Zoom Beginners Seminar and the Zoom Organizer Seminar.
However, if you actually want to hold a large-scale meeting with more than 100 people, it is not OK if you change the settings and pay for it online.


In a normal meeting, the number of participants is up to 100, but it can be increased to 500 or 1000 at an additional charge.

However, the procedure is a little hurdle.


While signed in to Zoom, go to

Click “My Account”.

Scroll down and click “Payment”.

Scroll a little to the right and click “Add” to the right of “Large Meetings”.

Then, it says “Please contact the sales department.”

Click that letter to display the contact form for the sales department.

Inquiries are like this, and it seems to be quite troublesome.


It’s frustrating to fill out the form and wait for a reply, so I asked the sales department via chat.

Then, the following answer was returned.

  1. To hold a large meeting, you need to get a quote.
  2. To do this, you must enter contact information such as your organization’s name, location, name, phone number, and email address.
  3. You can now get a quote for a large meeting and add it to your account before the meeting starts.

The amount was written as $ 20 per month, but when I heard it in chat, it said it was $ 15 per month.

There may be a lot of room for negotiations around here.


You can proceed by exchanging emails from the inquiry form, but with chat, it seems that you can make a contract on the spot.


If I send the inquiry form in Japanese, will it be returned in Japanese?

Maybe it will come back in English.


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