How to hold multiple seminars at the same time with Zoom!

When you want to hold multiple meetings using Zoom at the same time.
There are many people who misunderstand it, so I will write it down.

First, increase the number of hosts

It seems that many people create multiple accounts when they want to hold multiple meetings and seminars at the same time with Zoom.

If it’s a free account, that’s fine.


However, if you do it with a paid account, you will have to pay the usage fee separately, which is troublesome.


When you create an “account” in Zoom, you can usually use one host.

And you can have multiple hosts in one account.

However, it is 14.99 USD per host.


To increase the number of hosts, follow the procedure below.

Enter My Account and click “Pay” in the left column.

The current contract information will be displayed, so click “Edit”.

It says “1 will be held”, but this is the number of hosts.

If you set this to 2 hosts, the amount will be doubled, so click “Continue” to pay.

A credit card confirmation will be displayed, so click “Update Now”

Click “Confirm”

Let’s go back to “My Account”.

Click “Pay” to confirm that you have 2 hosts.

Then add a user

When you can use 2 hosts, you will have to set different email addresses and passwords.


Click “Users”.

In this state, there is only one user.

Now click Add User.

Select “Pro” for “User type”.

Enter your email address to sign in to your host and click the Add button.

A confirmation email will be sent to that email address.

Click “Click here to approve the request”.

A screen for setting your name and password is displayed.

After inputting, click “Continue”.

This completes the additional host.

You will also be given a personal meeting ID.



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