How to host Concurrent Zoom Meetings

On the Business, corporate office, and Education accounts, licensed users can hold up to two meetings at the same time. The two meetings need to be initiated by either an initial zoom host or an additional zoom host. If necessary, the host can leave the meeting and transfer host rights to another user to take the zoom meeting in charge.

Note: The desktop application does not allow users to participate in more than two meetings simultaneously, even though they can have two meetings running simultaneously

Common Problems

The following issues may arise if the zoom account host does not meet the conditions for concurrent meetings or has already achieved the maximum number of sessions in progress.

  • They’ll get the notification below if they try to join an upcoming meeting that is not started

concurrent meetings

  • The host will be instructed to terminate the current meeting before starting a new one simultaneously,¬†

concurrent meetings

  • In a case where the host terminates the ongoing meeting, attendees will be notified as such:


The participants will receive the following notice if the host decides to end the zoom meeting:


  • Those H.323/SIP systems participate in a meeting if the join before host feature is activated, while another zoom meeting is ongoing on that zoom host. the system that participates, are requested the meeting key:

concurrent meetings

  • Any second meeting in Zoom Rooms that is scheduled to begin using join before host feature, the ongoing meeting is terminated by itself.



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