How to install a webinar system? Tool selection methods and benefits

The webinar is a coined word that combines “Web” and “Seminar” and is a seminar conducted on the Internet.

It is a tool that is beneficial to both organizers and participants, as it can reduce costs for venue arrangements and staff, and allows participation from anywhere.

Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of webinars and recommended webinar systems.

If you are considering using the webinar, please refer to it as we have summarized the system installation procedure.

Webinar features and benefits

The webinar system is mainly used for lectures, training, product introductions, and new service launches.

In Japan, they are sometimes called “web seminars” or “online seminars”, but both have the same meaning.

First, let’s take a closer look at what the webinar system looks like by comparing it with conventional seminars.

Webinar vs. offline seminar

The webinar system has attracted attention as one of the marketing methods, but how is it different from conventional seminars?

One of the major features of the webinar system that is not available in seminars is that it can be held regardless of location.

As a result, the organizer can reduce the cost of the event and the participants can apply more easily.

Other differences between the webinar system and conventional seminars are as follows.

 WebinarOffline seminar
Holding methodDelivery using the InternetConducted at a specific venue
Required preparationsCreating materials for distributionDocument preparation/printing on the day/Venue preparation/Staff arrangement/
costWebinar system usage feeVenue rental fee/Staff personnel cost/Transportation cost for moving, etc.
Participant limitsNoneThere is a capacity according to the venue / Only people who can come to the venue

The webinar system eliminates the need to arrange venues and staff, and cuts travel costs on the day.

Participants also have the advantage that they can easily participate from a computer or smartphone without visiting the venue.

The webinar is a system that has eliminated the disadvantages of conventional seminars and has become more convenient.

Real-time distribution and recording distribution

There are two types of webinar systems: real-time distribution (live distribution) and recorded distribution.

For real-time delivery, seminar videos will be broadcast live at the date and time notified in advance.

On the day, you can not only watch the seminar videos but also use the chat function to ask and answer questions and communicate.

It is effective for seminars aimed at attracting customers because you can experience the presence of participating in an offline seminar.

On the other hand, delivering a seminar video prepared in advance so that you can watch it at any time is called recording delivery.

It is a delivery method for those who could not participate in the day or who want to check the contents of the seminar repeatedly.

While you cannot communicate, you can playback as many times as you like, which is convenient for lectures and training.

Benefits of conducting seminars online

The advantages of introducing a webinar system are as follows.

  • Get new prospects
  • Build relationships with existing customers
  • Cost reduction for holding seminars

Participation in the webinar may be paid or free, but in general, it is basically a process of applying in advance and receiving an invitation on the day.

The organizer can create a customer list based on the email address entered when applying.

Even if you can’t connect to the contract in one seminar, there is a good chance that you will eventually become a customer by continuously delivering emails.

Another advantage of the webinar system is that you can directly check your doubts and anxieties using voice or chat tools.

By firmly establishing relationships, it may be possible to advertise as a fan of the company, not just a customer.

Another important advantage is that the cost of holding seminars can be reduced, as I mentioned earlier.

Since you can participate from anywhere with an internet environment, you can win customers both domestically and internationally.

The webinar system hides the opportunity to expand your business and marketing reach.

To introduce the web seminar system

Currently, many webinar systems with different usage scales and functions have been released.

Next, let’s look at the procedure for introducing the webinar system and the points when deciding which system to install.

System introduction procedure

The main steps in implementing a webinar system are:

  1. Setting the content to be delivered using the webinar system
  2. Choose a system that has the necessary functions for distribution
  3. Use of inquiries and demos
  4. Actually introduced and started using

Many webinar systems offer multiple plans depending on the number of people and delivery time.

For example, the usage plan will differ depending on whether you want to regularly use the same number of people each time such as meetings and training, or when you want to hold a large-scale event such as a new product announcement in a single shot.

Let’s set concretely what kind of purpose the webinar will be used for, the number of participants, and the delivery time of one time.

After that, we will search for a system that has the necessary functions and conditions and make an inquiry.

Since there are many cases where there is a demo version and a trial period, check the usability before proceeding to the final contract.

Points when choosing a system

When choosing a webinar system, it is a good idea to compare not only the features and conditions but also the following points.

  • Equipment required for distribution
  • System usage fee

Some systems require the purchase of dedicated equipment.

Installation of equipment also costs money, so if you want to keep your budget low, we recommend that you select a system that can use existing devices.

It’s also important to get quotes from multiple systems and compare monthly fees.

However, if you compare only the charges, you may have a complaint that the quality of the webinar is poor.

Please try to find the most affordable system based on the installed functions and audio/video quality.

Recommended webinar system “Zoom”

Finally, we will introduce “Zoom,” a recommended tool for medium to large-scale webinars.

Speaking of Zoom, there is an image of a tool that can be used for meetings such as web conferences, but in fact it is also a tool suitable for using webinars.

The features and main functions of the Zoom webinar are as follows.

  • Up to 100-10,000 people can participate
  • On-demand viewing with recorded data
  • Acquisition of participant analysis/report
  • Live distribution from Facebook/YouTube platform
  • Switching between panelists and viewers
  • “Raise hands” action and chat-type Q&A
  • Webinar monetization options, etc.

Zoom’s unique data compression technology enables stable communication even on mobile lines.

Since it can be installed on existing PCs and smartphones, installation costs can be reduced compared to other companies’ services.

It’s easy to invite and join a webinar, so it’s safe for beginners and those who are worried about IT literacy.

Since information leakage measures are in place, it can be used for important meetings.

Zoom is a recommended system both as a meeting tool and a webinar tool.


  • A webinar is a system for delivering seminars on the Internet.
  • Compared with conventional seminars, it can be expected to attract more customers and reduce costs.
  • When introducing a webinar system, it is recommended to consider functions, fees, and peripheral devices.

A webinar system is an effective tool not only for promoting products and services but also for improving work efficiency and facilitating communication.

If you want to reduce the cost of meetings and training, please consider introducing a webinar system.



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