How to invite others to join the zoom meeting


You can invite participants to a scheduled or instant zoom meeting in many ways. Whether inviting Zoom contacts to an ongoing session or wanting to invite others to an upcoming scheduled meeting

Note: –One can also invite through phone (audio conferencing plan required) or via a room system (requires Cloud Room Connector add-on).


Inviting others during a meeting

  1. Go to the Zoom Desktop Client option and  login
  2. To initiate or join a meeting, click the “Start” or “Join” button
  3. You have to press the option participants under the meeting controls
  4. At the bottom of the participant’s screen, click Invite.
  5. Select one of the following invitation options:


  1. Press on the Email button.
  2. Choose an email service provider:

 join a meeting

Default Email:- Invite others using your computer’s default email application.

Gmail or Yahoo Mail: Invite others through Gmail or Yahoo Mail. You will be asked to sign in using your username and password.

Send the email to the recipients you’ve specified.


  • There will be a new email automatically composed which will show meeting information.
  • Such emails are affected only by showing default email when you send an email to invitees on the setting page. If you enable this setting, it will remove the options of Gmail and Yahoo Mail.


  • To access the Contacts tab, click the Contact button.
  • You have to choose their names or contacts from the options of the window.
  • You have to press on the name of an individual whom you would like to invite. You can invite several names. Whenever you choose the names, their names will appear in blue color on the top of the window.
  • Press the Invite icon on the right corner of the lower part.

URL or Invitation text  

You should press the Invite link or Copy Invitation for giving instant meeting information elsewhere.

Copy Invite Link : You have to copy the URL of the meeting join.

Copy Invitation  You should copy the entire text of the Invitation.

You must paste the Invitation or URL through Cmd + V on a Mac or Ctrl+V on the desktop. You may also go to the right and press paste.



Inviting others to a scheduled meeting

You may also schedule the Zoom meeting and give the invitation to other participants before hosting a Zoom meeting.

Desktop Client

  • Open the Zoom Desktop Client and log in.
  • You can schedule your meeting.
  • Go to the meetings option and press it.
  • You should choose the meeting to which you would like to invite others. You have to just press on Copy Invitation. The Zoom meeting Invitation would be copied and you may paste the information given into an email or somewhere else where you want to send it.


Web Portal

  • Go to the Zoom Web portal and sign in to it.
  • Press on the Meetings option under the navigation panel.
  • Press on the topic of the Zoom meeting.

Zoom meeting.


  • There must be some other options for adding to your calendar next time.
  • There will be a calendar event automatically in the specific email whenever you press on Yahoo Calendar or Google Calendar.
  • Whenever you press on Outlook Calendar, It will create a .ics file which you import to your outlook calendar

You can


  • You may also copy the meeting information by pressing the Copy Invitation

n text

(a) Another window will be opened with the meeting Invitation text with the selection of Copy Invitation.

(b)  press on the Copy Meeting Invitation tab.

Meeting Invitation.


(c) You may send a copy of the invitation by email or elsewhere.


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