How to join a Zoom meeting directly from the app without clicking the invitation URL

When you join a Zoom meeting, if you click the invitation URL on your computer, you will enter the meeting as it is.
But you may want to rename and join this meeting.
What to do in such a case …


When you’re invited to a Zoom meeting, you’ll often click on the invitation URL to enter.

However, when you click the invitation URL, the browser will be launched once, and the Zoom app will be launched from there to join the meeting, so it will take time.

Also, you can’t change the name from the beginning because you will be in the meeting as it is, and you have to change the name after entering the meeting room.

It is more convenient to enter the meeting room directly from the app.


For Windows, if the Zoom icon is on your desktop, click it.

If there is no icon on the desktop, select Zoom ⇒ Start Zoom from the Start menu.

For Mac, if there is a Zoom icon in Doc, click it.

If not, click in the Applications folder.

This will bring up the Zoom launch screen.

At this time, if you are signed in to the Zoom app, this screen will appear, so click “Join” here.

If you are not signed in, you will see this screen, so click “Join Meeting”.

If you are on the sign-in screen, sign in if you have an account.

If you don’t have an account, click Back to return to the Join Meeting screen above.

Here, enter the last 9 digits (or 10 digits) of the invitation URL as the meeting ID.

You can enter the name you want to use when you join, so you can freely decide the name here.

You can also choose to turn audio on or off, and video on or off.


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