How to join the webinar? Seminar delivery method using Zoom

Webinar is a coined word that combines “Web” and “Seminar”, and is a system for delivering seminars online.

There are various usages such as product and service briefing sessions, company training and interviews, and the introduction of these methods is rapidly progressing in recent years.

However, in order to spread the webinar, not only the organizer but also the participants will need to understand how it works and how to use it.

Here, we will explain the procedure and merits of participation by taking the popular webinar tool “Zoom” as an example.

If you are considering introducing a webinar or if you would like to participate in the webinar, please check it out.

Webinar features and how to participate

Since the webinar is delivered via the Internet, the usage environment and participation method are different from the conventional seminars.

First, let’s take a closer look at the Zoom webinar overview and the flow of participation.

Zoom webinar overview

At the Zoom webinar, seminars will be divided into organizers (hosts) and participants (panelists and attendees).

Only users with host authority can manage switching between panelists and attendees.

Alternatively, the host can mute the participant’s audio or stop sharing from the participant.

Also, if you become a panelist, you will be able to share videos and images, but ordinary attendees will basically only be able to watch the webinar.

If you have a question and answer time during the webinar, you may be able to speak or chat with the permission of the host temporarily.

Environment required for webinar participation

All you need to join the Zoom webinar is a device with internet access.

There is no need to purchase a new dedicated device, you can participate using your existing PC or smartphone.

If you are attending a webinar while you are out, it’s a good idea to have earphones and headphones.

In addition, if the type of webinar in which attendees also have the opportunity to speak, a microphone or webcam may be required. (In case of PC)

Webinar participation flow

Follow the steps below to join the Zoom webinar.

  1. Install Zoom application
  2. Account creation (optional/free)
  3. Open the link of the invitation URL received from the host

It’s smooth to install the app first, but you can also operate after the invitation arrives.

Account creation is optional, so you don’t have to create an account if you only use it once.

However, it is recommended that you install it in advance if you may speak.

This is to avoid the trouble that the microphone and webcam did not work well and could not speak as expected.

The Zoom app allows you to test audio and video from the settings screen, so be sure to check it before joining.

Benefits of attending an online seminar

Speaking of conventional seminars, the standard style was to go to the venue and listen in person.

What are the advantages of online seminars compared to attending this venue seminar?

Next, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of attending a webinar.

Can participate from anywhere

The main feature of the webinar is that you can participate from anywhere with an internet environment.

Conventional seminars had to go to the venue where the event was held, and there was a disadvantage that it would be difficult to participate unless you were in the neighborhood.

Even if the content is interesting, you may hesitate to participate if the venue is far away.

On the other hand, if you are a webinar, you can participate from your favorite place such as your home or cafe.

Since the Zoom webinar can be used from a smartphone, there is no need to prepare new dedicated equipment or facilities.

Can be repeatedly checked by the recording function

The Zoom webinar has the ability to keep track of the videos that have been distributed.

Traditional seminars required a one-time attendance to understand the story, but webinars allow you to view the same seminar videos repeatedly.

Be careful of troubles in the Internet environment

Although this webinar has many merits, it is important to note that the communication status is easily influenced by the Internet usage environment.

Especially since the webinar uses videos, there is a possibility that you may not be able to watch it as you think if you use it in a place with poor signal conditions.

When attending a webinar, it’s a good idea to choose a place with an online environment.

Webinar case studies

The webinar system with various functions can be widely used in the business scene.

Finally, we will introduce the recommended usage of Zoom webinar.

For marketing such as attracting customers

Webinars are suitable for new product presentations and service briefings.

Real-time distribution (live distribution) makes it possible to create a realistic sensation as if you were receiving an explanation on the spot.

In addition, since you can ask and solve questions and concerns on the spot, you can expect a higher closing rate than with leaflets and pamphlets.

For in-house training and recruitment briefings

One way is to use the recording function to deliver training videos that can be used repeatedly.

Zoom webinars can work with Facebook and YouTube for on-demand delivery.

Streamers will not have to hold the same seminars many times, and participants will be able to learn efficiently by checking the videos repeatedly.

The webinar can be said to be an effective tool not only for the outside world but also for improving the efficiency of internal operations.

As a corporate meeting tool

The Zoom webinar is also highly recommended as a meeting tool.

Since real-time delivery enables two-way communication, it can be used for exchanging opinions between head offices and meetings.

A “pseudo live distribution” is also convenient, in which a video for distribution is recorded in advance and only the question and answer session is held on the day.


  • Zoom webinars can join from existing devices
  • Easy to use even if you are worried about IT literacy because you just click the link for invitation
  • There are various usages such as external marketing and in-house training and meetings

Webinars are useful IT tools that anyone can easily join.

It is expected that the introduction will spread more and more in the future, so it is recommended that you learn how to use it and become familiar with it.


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