How to lower the mental hurdle for “Zoom”?

“I’m told,’Zoom? What’s that? I don’t know, so it’s okay …'”

This is a problem I often hear from people who are planning online courses and online consultations that utilize Zoom.


“You have to do things like registering an account, right?”


No, you don’t need to register a troublesome account like Skype.


“First, master Zoom and then join!”


No, it’s OK if you click the invitation URL.


“Because the audio and video are unstable in online courses.”


With Zoom, you don’t have to worry about that.




“Once you experience Zoom, you’ll be satisfied with its ease and convenience …”


That’s right.

However, some people are reluctant to take that first step.



The other day, in the Zoom Academy Japan community

“What to do to lower the hurdle of mind for the Zoom?”¬†Climbed to the topic,

We shared successful cases among the members.

[CASE 1]

“Before holding the course, we held a free’Zoom experience meeting’to remove anxiety about Zoom.”



“Some people are reluctant to use the word Zoom, so I replaced it with the word’online’.”



“We distributed a Zoom connection manual for beginners and asked them to connect while looking at it.”



“We held a Zoom project. We created an atmosphere where you can easily participate.”


[CASE 5]

“The first online course was a <monitor course¬†>, and we made a great deal.”


[CASE 6]

“I introduced the ease and ease of Zoom in the course guide in an easy-to-understand manner.”


Everyone, you have made various considerations and ingenuity to lower the hurdles of the participants’ hearts.
If you have an idea that “this is good!”, Please give it a try!



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