How to make a background in Zoom on a computer

The program Zoom provides a rather interesting function “Virtual background” . It places the speaking person in the video on some picture or video, replacing the real environment (room in an apartment, studio, etc.). Moreover, it is available to all users for free, without purchasing any subscription. You just need to figure out how to change the background in Zoom on a computer .


Enabling this option will take several steps:

  1. Join any conference or create your own.
  2. Click on the “arrow” next to the icon to enable and disable the camera.
  3. In the menu that opens, click on the item “Select virtual …” .
    1. As a result, the settings window will appear. In the lower part of it there are several designs, the upper row is static pictures, and the lower one is with video. Choose one of the options provided.

Since the built-in library is very limited, you can use your own design, and not only a picture, but also a video. Click on the highlighted plus sign , select one of the options provided , and then in Explorer, select the desired media file.

  1. If you have a green screen (Green Screen), then enable the corresponding option in the settings.

The background capture may not be performed correctly. In this case, help the program:

    1. Click on the marked icon:
      1. In the webcam preview window, click on the background area.
      2. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

This feature is also available in the mobile application for iPhone and iPad. To set it up, use our instructions .


If this function is absent or does not work in the conference itself, then, most likely, it is disabled in the settings of the organizer. Turn it on as follows:

      1. Follow the link .
      2. Sign in with the host account.

Open the Settings tab from the left menu.

      1. Find the item of the same name on the new page.
      2. Activate it by moving the slider to the right with a mouse click.
        1. Close the settings tab.

Now restart the conference, the function should work correctly.


The virtual background for Zoom can be used on any computer or laptop with the latest version of the program. But it should be understood that the function will work correctly only with a simple “backdrop”. That is, when in addition to the user there is some kind of “complex” environment in the frame, for example, a cupboard with dishes or books, then it will not work to replace it with something else. Rather, it will work, but the result will look very incomprehensible, to put it mildly.

The function will work much better with a “simple” background, and ideally with a green screen (green screen). Of course, as an alternative, you can use plain wallpaper or curtains, next to which you can sit.



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