How to measure the packet communication volume when zooming with mobile communication!

How much data traffic does it take to use Zoom for mobile communication on smartphones?
You’re curious, right?
I actually tried to verify it.

How much packet traffic will you get if you use Zoom for mobile communication?

I actually participated in the Zoom breakout session practice session on my iPhone by connecting it using packet communication.


First, reset Zoom’s packet usage to zero on your iPhone.

From the settings, tap “Mobile communication”

Scroll down the mobile communication page to the bottom.

Tap ” Reset stats ” at the bottom .

” Reset Statistics tap”.

Confirm that your mobile data usage to date has reached zero.

At this time, Zoom’s mobile data usage may not be zero. In such a case, if you reset the statistics again, Zoom’s traffic will be zero.

Now turn off WiFi on your iPhone.

n this state, I connected to the Zoom practice session.

The actual connection time is 1 hour and 24 minutes .


After the Zoom practice session, when I look at the mobile communication page again …

It was 468MB .

If it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and it is about 480MB, it is about 320MB after connecting for 1 hour .

It seems that the amount of data is much smaller than I expected.

In this case, even if you keep Zoom connected for 1 hour or 2 hours via mobile communication, you will not exceed the packet communication limit.


This traffic changes in real time, so if you’re worried, check your mobile data traffic while you’re in Zoom.



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