How to raise your hand in Zoom

The Raise Hands feature in Zoom will be very useful in conferences with a large number of participants. It makes the organizer understand that a person has a desire to speak out on any issue, for example, to object, ask an additional question, etc. That is, this is a format of communication without a voice in Zoom, using signs. In some cases, this feature will be simply irreplaceable. So let’s figure out how to use it.

Nuances of use

First, we will talk about activating this function:

In the mobile application, tap on the screen to bring up the controls, open the “Details” menu, and select the appropriate option:

In the PC client, first, click on Participants.

Then – on the icon with three dots in the window that appears on the right.

And at the end – to the desired option:

As a result, a characteristic icon will appear next to your name. And the conference organizer will receive a notification. So he can quickly turn on the sound for you, giving you the opportunity to speak. Well, or provide access to control the screen, or something else.


Raise Hand is enabled by default for all Zoom users. Moreover, it will not work to disable it at the conference. But the organizer can lower his hand either for a specific participant or for all at once.

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