How to record audio with Zoom and post it on your blog or homepage

I often see people who upload video data to Youtube and paste it on their blogs and homepages.

However, I have hardly seen anyone who pastes audio on blogs and homepages.

Pasting the audio means that a bar for playing the audio will be displayed in this way.

Try clicking the play button.

This is the uploaded audio data on Google Drive.

This time, I will write the procedure to upload the voice data to Google Drive and post the data on the blog or homepage.

Record audio with Zoom

Settings are required to create audio data with Zoom.

In the Zoom app on your computer, click the gear at the top right of the startup screen to enter the settings.

Select ” Recording ” and check ” Record audio track for each speaker “.

Now you can enter the Zoom meeting and record on your computer.

When you finish the meeting, the data generation will start. Wait for it to finish and click “Open” in the above figure.


Audio data is created in the “Audio Record” folder.

Upload to Google Drive

Upload this file to Google Drive.

Right-click the uploaded file and click “Share”.

Click “Copy Link” to get the audio data link.

If you paste it in a memo pad, this character string will be displayed.

Posted on blogs and homepages

You will need the part in red. 1YQ-NJJKkLXfblIzZRLJ1bcRAG6oX5YqJ / view? usp = sharing


Cut out the part in red and use the part other than red as it is.

<audio controls src = ” 1YQ-NJJKkLXfblIzZRLJ1bcRAG6oX5YqJ “> </ audio>

Paste this code into your blog or home page.


If you want to play repeatedly, add ” loop “.

<audio controls loop src = ””> </ audio>


If you want it to play automatically when you open the page, add ” autoplay “.

<audio controls autoplay src = ””> </ audio>


This time, I used the file uploaded to Google Drive, but it is the same regardless of the other server.

Please specify the uploaded file in the src = part.

<audio controls src = ” uploaded file “> </ audio>


 Precautions when copying and pasting the above URL

URL above

<audio controls src = ” 1YQ-NJJKkLXfblIzZRLJ1bcRAG6oX5YqJ “> </ audio>

If you put the on your blog or homepage, the audio playback control will be displayed, but if you copy the HTML of this article as it is, the double quotation “” “will be full-width and you will not be able to play the audio.

After pasting, please correct the double quotation to half-width.



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