How to record without displaying the participant’s video by screen sharing in Zoom App

When you share the screen while recording a meeting with Zoom, you can see the image of the person in focus on the right side.
The method of erasing this will be explained for cloud recording and local recording.


If you record a meeting with Zoom, the video data will be created with the image of the person in focus displayed in the upper right when sharing the screen.

However, you may find that the image of the person in focus is overlaid on the material and is a little intrusive.

There is a way to prevent someone’s video from being displayed when sharing the screen with recorded data.

For cloud recording

Open My Meeting Settings and click the Records tab.

Uncheck “Record thumbnails when sharing”.

Now, the video data recorded in the cloud will not show someone’s video when sharing the screen.

For local recording (recording on a computer)

Click the gear icon at the top right of the Zoom startup screen.

When the settings screen opens, click “Recording”.

Uncheck “Record video when sharing screen”.

With this, the video data recorded on the computer will not show someone’s video when sharing the screen.

You can also show or hide it!

If you are recording locally, you can also show or hide the face of the person in focus when sharing the screen on the fly.

When the screen is displayed, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen to bring up the menu.

Click “Details” …

You can switch between “Hide video panel” and “Show video panel” .

However, if you do not want to display it from the beginning, it is better to do it in the settings.

* Also, even if you “Hide the video panel” here, the image of the person in focus will not disappear from the data recorded in the cloud.



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