How to remove a password in Zoom

When entering a Zoom video conference using the meeting ID, users are usually asked for a code (password). Of course, this makes it very difficult to connect to an online conversation. Fortunately, the developers understood this, so they left a special setting. It remains for us to explain how to disable the password in a Zoom meeting .


This option is not available directly in the created video meeting. That is, first you need to complete it. Now you can go to the settings and deactivate the corresponding option. This will be done in the program for computers and laptops, and in the mobile application for Android and Apple devices.

Moreover, for each platform, the procedure is slightly different. So we covered both cases in separate chapters of the article. Go immediately to the desired one.

PC manual

Run the program to access Zoom on your computer or laptop. Using the top toolbar, visit the “Conferences” tab . In the “Upcoming” section , click on the “Change” button .

And on the settings page that opens, disable the “Required …” option .

Click on the blue save button. Also see the Advanced Options section . Click on the corresponding label to open it. There is an option “On. waiting room “ . If it is active, then the user, when connecting to the conversation, must wait for permission to enter from the administrator. So in some cases it is worth turning it off, but here it all depends on you.

Manual for mobile devices

The application for Android and iOS has a slightly different algorithm of actions:

  1. Open the mobile version of Zuma on your device.
  2. Proceed to the “Conferences” tab by clicking on the appropriate item on the bottom panel.
  3. Tap on the “Edit” button .
  4. On the new page, turn off the corresponding slider. As a result, it should move to the left and light up gray.
  5. Click “Save” to apply the settings

Now start the conference using the “Start” button .

There is also an option “On. waiting room “ , which we discussed in the previous section of the article. If you wish, disable it too, just do not forget to save the changes.

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