How to restart video data generation the next day when recorded on a PC in zoom

When recording on a computer, the recording data will start to be generated as soon as the meeting is over.
However, depending on the length of the meeting, it may take some time to generate the video.
Now I have to shut down my computer and go out. I want to generate a video tomorrow when I have time.
I will write a method for such a case.

With Zoom, you can record to your computer with either a paid or free account.

The recorded data will be converted to mp4 files when the meeting ends.


But the longer the meeting, the more time it takes to generate the data.

I can’t wait so long!

You have to shut down your computer and go out!

In that case, click “Stop conversion”.

You will be asked if you want to stop the conversion. Click “Stop”.

This will stop the conversion.

You can turn off your computer.


By the way, the next day, the hard disk of the PC still has files that were left unconverted yesterday.

This is double_click_to_convert_01.zoom .

The file name itself means “double click to convert.”

Double-click double_click_to_convert_01.zoom to start conversion again.

When the video generation is completed, a video file called zoom_0.mp4 is created.

You can change the folder where this video file is created by yourself.

Please refer here for the method.

” Where is the Zoom Meeting saved when I record it on my computer? ”


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