How to reuse Zoom created “votes” in other schedules

Zoom has a feature called “voting” that allows participants to take a survey.

* However, the voting function can be used only with a paid account.

Please refer to this article for details on how to make a vote.

⇒Create voting

If you have created a large number of votes or questions, it will take some time to create them.

Creating a vote every time you schedule a meeting is a tedious task.


When creating a new meeting, you can take over and use the votes created in the past.


First, create a new meeting.


Please set the date and schedule normally.

After creating the schedule, scroll the page to the bottom.


There is an item called “Vote”, so click “Add”.


After creating the poll, click Save as Meeting Template


You can then save the settings and votes for this meeting as a template.

You can create up to 40 meeting templates.


Next time you create a meeting, click the Meeting Template.

The template you have created will be displayed in the list. Click ” Schedule a meeting with this template ” to create a schedule.

Also, when you schedule normally if a template has been created, the item ” Use template ” is displayed, and you can also select a template here.

You can now use the meeting settings and votes you created in the past in other meetings.



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