How to share your Android smartphone or tablet with Zoom

When using Zoom on a computer, there is an option of an iPhone / iPad in “Screen sharing”, and you can share the screen of the iPhone or iPad from Zoom on the computer.
For Android, you can share your screen in a slightly different way.

When sharing the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet, actually join Zoom on that device.

When you are attending a meeting, tap the screen lightly and a button will appear below.

Now, tap Share, then tap Screen.

The message “Zoom will start capturing the content displayed on the screen.” Is displayed. Tap “Start Now”.

At this time, if you check “Do not display from next time”, this message will not be displayed from the next time.

Now you can show the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet to other participants.

While sharing the screen, two buttons, “Comment” and “Stop Sharing”, are displayed at the bottom left.

By tapping “Comment”, you can draw a picture or figure on the shared screen.

Tap “Stop sharing” to end sharing.

You can share the screen on your iPhone or iPad in the same way.

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