How to skip the operation to get Zoom invitation URL

I often use Zoom for meetings, etc., but I felt that the operation to get the invitation URL each time was troublesome.
You may think how annoying it is, but the accumulation of such small omissions will speed up the entire business.

Zoom meetings include “instant meetings” and “scheduled meetings.”

Of these, in an instant meeting, when inviting participants to the meeting, the following two steps must be taken.


1. 1. Launch the Zoom app and then click “Invite” 


2. 2. Click the Copy URL and tell the participants the URL.

However, if you have frequent instant meetings, the two-click procedure of clicking “Invite” and clicking “Copy URL” becomes complicated.

So let’s omit these two clicks.


Click “Settings” on the launch screen of the app.

Here, check “Automatically copy Invitation URL to clipboard after meeting starts”.

By doing this, when you start the Zoom app and launch the meeting, the invitation URL will be copied to the clipboard at the same time, so you can omit the two clicks of clicking “Invite” and clicking “Copy URL”.

After launching the meeting, just “paste” by e-mail, etc., and the URL will be pasted.

It works the same for instant meetings and scheduled meetings, and the invitation URL is copied.



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