How to start up with the Zoom desktop client


Meanwhile, the meeting can begin, and the plan-from the portal, you can also schedule and start directly from the reduced application. In addition, it is important to access compression software, to build and to use some of the applications provided features such as virtual in the background, the audio/video settings, as well as other options.


Note: To reduce the customer’s desktop and mobile apps, there are a wide variety of functions other than the zoom web portal. Amplification of the portal, which is mainly used to change the session settings, and put in the settings of your phone. You can also use the web portal to customize your profile.



  • The latest version of the narrowing of the customer’s desktop


Windows 10

  • Click the Windows logo Window10 in the system tray.
  • From the app list, scroll until you reach the zoom out of the map.
  • Click on the folder.
  • Double-click to start to shrink, to launch the program.

Windows 8

  • Click the Windows logo Window8 in the system tray.
  • Click on the arrows in the lower-left corner, only to have the right to access all apps.
  • Scroll through the app until you see the zoom out, click on the start out.

Windows 7

  • Click the Windows logo Window7 in the system tray.
  • Then click on all programs.
  • In the list of programs, click on the folder.
  • Double-click on the start out.

Please note: in all versions of Windows, you can foot on the desktop client on your Windows bar and right-click to put the desktop client, and then click for the taskbar.



  • Open Zoom
  • Find the search icon MacBookon your dock.
  • Right-click on the icon, and then click the New Finder window.
  • In the new window, click on the software program. Find the reduced set. We in your app list, and then double-click on the icon to start the application.

Note: If you start on your Dock, you can click on, to get your app list and open large.

Save, put it into your Dock

  • Once reduced the client is already open
  • Right-click on the zoom icon in the dock.
  • Hover the mouse on the item, and then tap keep in the dock.


  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the top. Alternatively, you can also click the All Apps icon apps menu click.
  • Tap Zoom.


  • Go to the Start screen.
  • On the Home screen, tap.

Virtual machine infrastructure

  • VDI, client recommendations of the entire virtual environment. Here is the environment used in the media, zoom, it currently does not support. Through a standard desktop to the client in a VDI environment are not supported or recommended.


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