How to transfer mouse control in Zoom

During the video conference on the Zoom platform , users have many additional options. The most interesting thing is that when you enable screen sharing, you can allow another participant to move the mouse cursor, for example, for drawing or for some other purpose. But the setting of this function is not obvious to everyone. Let’s see how to transfer mouse and keyboard control to Zoom.


There are quite a few scenarios for using this function, especially during the online lesson (and not only). So there is no point in dwelling on them. It makes much more sense to jump straight to using it. Remote control of the mouse and keyboard is available both on the computer and in the Zoom mobile application. True, in the second case it is somewhat limited.

PC program

To enable the transfer of control, you must first turn on screen sharing. As a result, a new menu will appear at the top of the screen. It automatically hides, returns it will exit if you hover the mouse cursor. When there are two or more participants in a conference, this panel will display the Remote Control button. Click on it, and then select the user who is given access to the mouse cursor and keyboard.

If desired, any participant in the conversation can request it himself. For this:

  1. Let him click on the “View Settings” button.
  2. Then it will select “Request Remote Control”.
  3. Click on the blue button in the confirmation window.
  4. Wait for your permission to do this. To do this, click on “Approve” in the form that appears.

If required, remote access can be disabled in two simple steps:

  1. Again in the top menu, click on the item “Remote control”.
  2. Click on the red “Cancel …” button.

Now the person will not be able to move the cursor or type on the keyboard on the screen that you show in the video conference.

Mac OS

On computers and laptops running Mac OS, this function may not work by default. In this case, activate it in the system parameters by following these steps:

  1. Open “System Preferences”.
  2. Please visit the section “Protection and Security”.
  3. Click on the lock icon.
  4. Enter the administrator password in the corresponding field and click “Remove protection”.
  5. Go to the “Privacy” tab.
  6. Open the item “Universal Access” from the left menu.
  7. Click on the plus sign.
  8. In the browser that appears, visit the “Programs” section.
  9. Select the zoom column at the end of the list. us.
  10. Click the “Open” button.
  11. Click on the “lock” again to turn the protection back on.
  12. Close the preferences window.
  13. Restart the Zoom software.

Remote control will now work correctly.

Mobile app

On Android and iOS, there is no option to request a remote control. That is, the person who demonstrates his screen must pass it himself according to the instructions from the beginning of the article. As a result, a new round icon will appear in the Zoom mobile application. Tap on it to access the cursor.

Move the mouse across the screen with swipes. The following gestures are available:

  • Bring two fingers together to zoom out.
  • Dilute – increase.
  • Single press – left click.
  • Long press – right-click.

To start entering text, tap on the highlighted icon:

It is much more convenient to control someone else’s screen if you hold your smartphone or tablet in a landscape position (on its side).



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