How to turn microphone on and off in Zoom

In an online meeting, Zoom is very important that the interlocutors hear each other. You can still do without cameras, but if there is no sound, you will have to use chat. And texting is far from so convenient than communicating by voice. Therefore, meeting participants should know how to turn on the microphone in a Zoom conference and how to turn it off so that there are no funny situations, for example, because of the words of family members, neighbors, etc.


The article presents two separate instructions. The first one is for the Zoom client on a computer (Windows, Mac OS and Linux). And the second one is for a mobile application (Android and iOS). Scroll immediately to the desired section and study the described information.

Computers and Laptops

To enable your audio for other conference participants, click on the marked icon in the bottom corner:

There are handy hotkeys to quickly mute or return a microphone to Zoom. In the program for Windows and Linux it isAlt + A… But in the client for Mac OS there is another combination -Command (⌘) + Shift + A…

Another useful feature is talking on a button. It is configured as follows:

  1. Move the mouse cursor over the lower left corner of the video conferencing window.
  2. Left-click on the “arrow” next to the microphone icon.
  3. In the context menu, select “Sound settings …” .
  4. Activate the option “Press and hold the SPACEBAR to temporarily …” .

Now return to the main conference window and remove your sound by clicking on the corresponding icon. And then hold down on the keyboardSpaceand say any phrase. The interlocutors will hear her. Let goSpaceto drown yourself back.

If you have problems with the sound, then try to adjust it according to our instructions .

Smartphones and tablets

With the inclusion of a microphone in Zoom on the phone, everything is much easier. In the lower left corner of the active conference screen, there is an On button . sound “ , which is needed in this case.

And if you click on it again, then you drown yourself for other participants.

Another option is to swipe right across the screen to activate Safe Special Mode . It automatically mutes the user and turns off his camera. To say something in it, tap the center key. While it is lit in blue, the interlocutors will hear you. Pressing it again mutes the sound.

And to exit safe mode, swipe left.






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