How to turn on the camera in Zoom

Zoom is great for video conferencing, where users can communicate with each other, hold work meetings, online lessons, etc. The service itself is somewhat confusing, so many people have a question: “How do I turn the camera into Zoom?” … We will cover this procedure for a computer and a phone. =


When you enter the conference, other users should immediately see you. In the future, you can show or hide the video using the icon in the lower-left corner of the program:

The same opportunity appears directly at the moment of connection.

The “Virtual Background” function allows you to replace the background from your webcam with any image or video. It is included by default in Zoom for Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. Details on using the function are described in separate articles for PC and mobile devices.


Initially, a webcam on a computer or laptop may work “crookedly”, for example, distort (rotate) the picture, or not show at all. This is due to the fact that the Zoom program was not configured correctly. Check out our article to fix this moment. It contains practical tips on how to get your device up and running, enable HD mode (high quality), flip or rotate an image, and much more.

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