How to turn sound on and off in Zoom

The user should know how to turn the sound on and off in Zoom. In this case, when communicating, there will be no incidental situations when the interlocutors are not heard or, on the contrary, they will hear something clearly unnecessary. So we suggest you read this article, where everything is sorted out in detail.


Each version of the Zoom program (mobile or computer) has its own way of activating and deactivating sound. For this reason, we have divided this article into two separate chapters. First, we will focus on the method for smartphones and tablets, and only then – for the PC.

Method for mobile devices

As a rule, when you connect to a conference in a mobile application, you will not hear the interlocutors, just as they will not hear you. This is intentional for the convenience of users. That is, you first need to enter the audio conference. To do this, tap the two marked buttons in turn:

Sometimes you need to give the Zoom app permission to access your speakers and microphone. Just click on the consent button in the pop-up windows.

Now you can control the microphone yourself using the icon in the lower left corner:

We figured out how to enable audio in Zoom meetings from the phone, and now let’s move on to the instructions for the PC.

Method for the computer version

In this case, when entering an online conversation, you need to immediately connect to the audio conference. To do this, click on the selected items (lower left corner):

In the future, you will be able to jam yourself using the marked icon:

Just click on it.


Now you know how to mute and unmute audio in a Zoom meeting from your computer or phone. That is, first you need to connect to the audio chat, otherwise there will be no communication with the interlocutors. And in the future, you can configure everything in such a way that this procedure will be performed automatically. Everything is detailed here .


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