How to use and increase the capacity that can be recorded in the cloud

When recording data such as video, audio, and chat in the cloud with Zoom, how many hours of seminars can be recorded?
This is where I’m really worried.

Cloud capacity limit

Zoom’s cloud capacity is up to 1GB per user by default.

How much video data can be recorded with this 1GB capacity?

If you have a one-hour meeting, the recorded data from the speaker view will be 600MB to 800MB.

In other words, it will be about 0.6GB to 0.8GB.

If you add the gallery view video here, the capacity of 1GB can easily be exceeded in just one hour of meetings.


However, if it exceeds 1GB, the recording will not be cut off in the middle, and recording can be continued regardless of whether it becomes 2GB or 3GB.

The other day, I had a 6.9GB video at a four and a half hour seminar.


So what is the 1GB limit? ??

This is because if 1GB of data remains in the cloud, it can no longer be recorded in the cloud at the next meeting! that is how it is.

However, this limit is also ambiguous, and at the moment, even if there are 2 to 3 videos of 1 to 2 GB left, the next meeting can be recorded.

But I don’t know when this limit will be tightened.


So how do you handle video data?

Basically, it’s wise to download it and save it to your hard disk.

Moreover, it is not realistic to keep the video data in the Zoom cloud and share it with many people.

This is because the shared video data must be left there for a certain period of time.


If you want a specific person to watch the video, you should make a limited release on Youtube.

For paid teaching materials, we use a video distribution service that is more secure than Youtube.


In July, we will hold a seminar specializing in videos made with Zoom and seminar materials.

This is a thorough use of videos, such as recording with Zoom, editing and distributing video data, and creating membership pages.

How to increase cloud capacity

If you really want to increase the cloud capacity of Zoom, follow the steps below.

1. 1. Select “Payment” from “My Account” and click “Add” in the “Additional Cloud Recording Storage” line.

2, For example, if you want to add 100GB capacity, click the option of $ 40.00 / month

3. 3. Settle with “Continue”.

f you pay 5,000 yen every month to secure 100GB, it is better to purchase 20 times that 2TB (2,000GB) hard disk for about 9,500 yen and save the video data therefor cost performance. It will be much better.

In fact, here is the 2TB hard disk I recently purchased from Amazon.

I think it is a hard disk that lasts a long time because it is shock resistant and has a 3-year warranty.




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