How to use the smartphone Zoom application, how to hold a meeting, the advantage of installing

“Zoom” is a convenient WEB conferencing tool that changes the way meetings and meetings have been held so far, but not only desktop apps that you install on your PC or Mac, but smartphone apps are also available.

It supports both iOS of iPhone and Android other than iPhone, so I would like smartphone users to install it.

Of course, it can also be installed on tablets.

In this article, I will explain about Zoom’s smartphone application “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in an easy-to-understand manner.

How to use the Zoom app for smartphones and what you can do

The Zoom app for smartphones is named “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

The smartphone app and the desktop app installed on a PC or Mac have almost the same performance and there is no difference in usage.

By installing it on your smartphone, you will be able to conveniently hold web conferences and meetings using Zoom without choosing a location.

Since the usage is quite simple and easy to use, it can be said that the advantage of this Zoom app for smartphones is that even beginners of the application and those who are new to the tool can use it with confidence.

The most common usage of Zoom is basic usage as a web conference tool such as web conferences and remote meetings, as well as information transmission through a large number of online salons and web seminars.

Furthermore, it can be said that the usage to receive information at the same time when receiving in-house education or consulting from outside is popular.

Join a meeting

The Zoom app for smartphones is a very easy way to join a meeting, web conference, or online salon held in “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

If you just want to join a meeting or web conference, you just download the app and don’t need to create an account.

However, it takes a very short time to create an account and log in, so we recommend that you create an account at this opportunity.

To join the meeting, you need to have the meeting ID or meeting room name

To join the meeting of “Zoom Cloud Meetings”, the Zoom app for smartphones, just tap the URL sent by the organizer.

When you tap the URL, you will be asked “Do you want to open this page with “Zoom”?”, so tap “Open”.

Then the Zoom app for smartphones “Zoom Cloud Meetings” will be launched.

Enter the meeting ID or meeting room name when the application is launched

If you tap the “join” menu icon at the top of the app screen

  1. Enter Meeting ID
  2. Join with meeting room name

You can choose either. The meeting ID corresponds to the XXX part of the URL “” that was sent to you.

The conference room name will be notified by the organizer as well, so enter it.

After inputting either one, press the blue button “Join” to join the meeting. It’s easy to use.

To join a meeting without creating an account

If you download and install the Zoom app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones, you can join the meeting without creating an account.

Alternatively, you can enter the URL directly into your smartphone’s WEB browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to participate.

How to use a smartphone app

Follow the steps below to join a Zoom meeting without creating an account.

  1. Open the Zoom app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones
  2. Tap “Join Meeting” at the bottom of the application page
  3. Enter the meeting ID and your name
  4. In the case of iPhone, you are asked for permission to access the camera and microphone, so select ok
  5. At the end, you will be asked to join the audio to hear the voices of other users, so it’s a good idea to select “Call via the Internet”.

How to use a web browser

  1. First, receive the meeting URL from the meeting organizer.
  2. Tap the URL of the meeting or directly copy and paste it into your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and paste it to search
  3. Enter the name because the Zoom application “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones will be launched
  4. Set permission to use camera and microphone, and how to listen to other users’ voices

With this alone, you can join the web conference from either a smartphone application or a web browser.

Let’s hold a web conference

So far, I have seen how to join a meeting using the Zoom application “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones, but next, let’s see how to use it to hold a web conference.

You need to create an account to hold meetings with Zoom. You cannot host a meeting without creating an account.

There are two ways to hold a meeting.

  • Instant meeting to start a meeting immediately on the spot
  • Scheduled meetings that start by specifying a date and time

Check the usage of each.

Instant meeting to start a meeting immediately on the spot

  1. Launch the Zoom app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones and tap “New Meeting!” at the top of the app.
  2. Set video ON or OFF before pressing “Start Meeting” button
  3. After setting the video, tap the “Start Meeting” button

This will open another meeting room.

Scheduled meetings that start by specifying a date and time

After the instant meeting, let’s see how to hold a scheduled meeting.

  1. Launch the Zoom app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones and tap “Schedule” at the top of the app
  2. Set the meeting name, start date and time, and time
  3. Tap “Done” at the top right of the screen

That’s all for how to use and set the schedule. This is also easy.

Invite participants to the meeting

Once the meeting has taken place, it’s time to invite the participants.

For instant meetings and scheduled meetings, the meeting room will be opened after each setting.

The meeting ID and URL are listed, so let’s share one of these with participants.

Meeting ID is a 9-11 digit number, XXX-XXX-XXX

The URL is “”

It will be something like. If anything, I recommend URL sharing so that you can join the meeting with just a tap.

When you schedule a meeting, the event is created on your smartphone calendar.

If you have a team in your company sharing a calendar, it’s a good idea to use that.

Security can be strengthened for highly confidential meetings

I think that some web meetings have highly confidential information.

At that time, I would like to use the lock function and password setting.

The lock function locks the participants when they have gathered and prevents further participation.

By setting a password to participate in a meeting, the password setting is much more secure.

How to use the lock function

To use the lock function, tap “Detailed settings” in the lower part of the screen during the meeting, and tap “Detailed settings” to turn on “Security lock”.

With this turned on, new participants cannot enter the meeting during the meeting, eliminating the risk of being missed.

How to use the password function

You can set how to use the password function when you hold a meeting schedule.

If you tap “Option”, there is an item called “Meeting password”, so it is better to set an arbitrary password here.

Convenient usage summary of the Zoom app “Zoom Cloud Meetings” for smartphones

Introducing “Zoom Cloud Meetings”, a Zoom app for smartphones, as well as conventional video conferencing, as it has various convenient usage and functions.

No need for materials by using screen sharing

Screen sharing is a function to share the screens of smartphones, PCs, and Macs with meeting participants.

This eliminates the need for related materials that were conventionally prepared and printed out before the meeting, and the materials can be copied to a computer screen or smartphone screen to explain to participants and to be shared and saved. You can

Chat function

Chat function is available during and after the meeting.

Easy to use, just like any other chat tool. This is a convenient function for sending reference URLs and checking during meetings.

You can specify the destination of the chat, so you can send a message that only certain participants can read.

File sharing

You can also open files stored in online storage, which is indispensable for business scenes such as Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, and share it with members who are attending meetings.

Whiteboard function

You can use the whiteboard function with Zoom apps such as Android smartphones and iPads.

This is a convenient function that allows meeting participants to see the lines and letters by drawing freehand lines and letters on the smartphone screen with their fingers or touch pen.

This is useful when you want to explain spelling or a brief diagram to meeting participants.

Unfortunately, as of January 2020, it is not compatible with iOS and iPhone.


In this article, I explained how to use “Zoom Cloud Meetings” and useful functions of the Zoom app for smartphones.

It’s a smartphone app, so the screen is smaller than the desktop app used on the PC screen. It is highly recommended as it has all the functions and can participate in meetings regardless of where it is used.

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