How to use the voting function in Zoom meetings

Zoom has the ability to take surveys during meetings. This is an interesting feature that allows you to easily ask participants what they want to hear and how satisfied they are with the seminar.

Set to use the voting function in zoom


Zoom.US open the,

My Account → My meeting settings

The Meeting tab is where you set up Zoom.

Turn on the “Voting” setting

* However, the voting function can only be used with paid accounts.

You can now use the voting function.

How to vote in a Zoom meeting

1. Sign in from the Zoom homepage, My Account → My Meeting

Click the title of the seminar you want to take the survey

2. Scroll to the bottom of the meeting settings screen that opens and add a vote

3. Enter the question text

5. Save the survey

[How to share vote function in Zoom meetings]


1. Click “Vote” in the Zoom meeting

2. The survey will be displayed, so click “Launch Voting” to display the survey to the participants.

3. 3. Participants will be presented with a questionnaire and can answer

4. Answers that were answered

5. You can show the results to the participants by clicking Share Results.
Resume polling, the results will be reset and you can take the survey again.


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