How to use Vimeo-Let’s give a video recorded with Zoom

There are roughly two ways to publish the video recorded by Zoom to the members.

The limited release of Youtube introduced earlier and another is Vimeo.

Youtube’s limited release is very easy to publish, but even if you embed it in the membership site, there is a disadvantage that once you know the URL, anyone can see it just by telling the URL.

Therefore, Vimeo is used by those who want to manage it more strictly.

Features of Vimeo

The advantage of using Vimeo compared to Youtube is that you can set a password.

Because of the existence of this password, it will be possible to publish videos exclusively for members more strictly than Youtube.

Since the password can be changed at any time after publication, it is possible to operate it fairly securely.

Vimeo is free to use

Vimeo’s free plan is called “Basic Member Plan” and there is no expiration date for free use.

The Basic membership plan has the following features.

  • Upload capacity is 500MB per week, total capacity account is up to 5GB.
  • Vimeo player with unlimited bandwidth
  • Basic embedding settings
  • Basic statistical data of video
  • Download the converted video file
  • Video password protection and other basic privacy settings
  • 10 video uploads per day
  • Ability to create 1 channel, 1 group, 3 showcases

What is important here is that the upload capacity is 500MB per week and the total capacity account is up to 5GB.

The data recorded by Zoom is about 300MB in 2 hours, so if you want to use it like giving one video a week, you can use the Basic member plan for the time being and use it as it is.

However, there are some caveats.

There is no problem if an individual gives a video for non-commercial purposes like this time, but video hosting as a corporate user (video that promotes or expresses a company or brand for commercial purposes) is Vimeo PRO or Vimeo Where you need to have a Business user account.

In this case, please subscribe to Pro for at least 2,000 yen a month.


How to register as a user

First, visit the Vimeo website .


It’s like this.

If you have not registered as a user yet , click ” Register ” in the upper left .


With this feeling, you can choose to register with an email and password or with a Google account.

If you have a Google account, it’s easier to register with Google.


When registration is complete, this screen will appear.

Why don’t you try this screen with a paid plan? It is a screen called.

You don’t need this screen if you want to use the Basic member plan.

By saying that, a part of the previous screen is enlarged.


Click ” OK ” at the bottom right of this .


Now you are in the management screen.

Please refer to the remaining capacity etc. displayed at the bottom left.

Let’s give you a video right away.

Let’s give a video to Vimeo

Once you log in, the rest is simple.


Click ” + New Video ” at the top left of this screen .


Next , select ” Upload ” on this screen .


Click on Privacy.


Here, the ” … only those who have the password you will be able to video protection if you choose a” password.


Put it in the password here.

The video can be uploaded by dragging and dropping it to this location as shown in the image.


This time I gave a landscape video of about 10 seconds, but I was able to set that aaaaa password is required to watch this video.

Click Save as it is.

Editing the settings on the right will move to a screen where you can make detailed settings for this video, so I will omit it here.

Please return to the home and list the videos.


The upload is completed like this.


If you copy the link of the video here, you can get the URL for access, so please put it in the required place.

Let’s access the video.


If a person who is not an administrator user accesses the URL above, the password will be required like this.

In this case, you can watch the video like this by entering aaaaa.



By recording video, Zoom has a wide range of uses.

The good thing is that it doesn’t end just by delivering.

If you are using Zoom with a free plan, you may be able to use Vimeo’s Pro plan, which can be used for a small amount of money.

Even if you use it for a fee, you can use it for free for 30 days, so if you refer to this article and try using it, you can consider a contract.


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