How to use Zoom

Recently, Zoom is gaining more and more popularity, because not always people can get together live. Nevertheless, you need to continue to study, conduct business negotiations, communicate with friends, etc. This service is convenient for organizing video conferences, and all basic functions are available for free. A person can only figure out how to use a Zoom conference . We have prepared a detailed guide for this. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.


The entire article is divided into several large chapters:

  • Installing the program on a computer and a mobile application.
  • Account registration (optional).
  • Change settings.
  • The nuances of entering a video conference.
  • Organization of your own online meeting.
  • Useful functions of the service.

Let’s take a look at each of them in turn. It will mainly focus on the computer client, but the mobile application will also be touched upon.


The developers have released a version of Zoom for PCs and phones. And on each device, the installation procedure is slightly different, so we will offer two separate instructions.


Computers and Laptops

Step by step guide:

  1. Download the latest version of the program here .
  2. Save and then open ZoomInstaller.exe .
  3. Wait a while until the unpacking of the files is completed.

As a result, the program will start on its own.

But for other operating systems, we analyzed the installation methods in separate articles:

  • Instructions for Mac OS
  • Instructions for Linux

Zoom also has a web version that works through a browser and does not require installation, but it requires its own account. All the main features are present in it, that is, they can connect to conferences and create their own users without any problems. We have discussed the features of the web version of this service in the article “Zoom in the browser” .

Smartphones and tablets

There is a mobile app called Zoom for two platforms: Android and iOS. In the first case, it will be possible to install it through the Play Store , in the second – through the App Store . Moreover, the procedure in both cases is very similar:

  1. Launch the appropriate app store on your device.
  2. Activate the search form. It will be located either at the top of the page, or in a separate tab.
  3. Type the name Zoom into the appropriate column using the virtual keyboard and search.
  4. On the results page, run and confirm the installation of the program.

Detailed instructions on how to use a conference in Zoom on a phone are described in separate articles for Android and iOS .


Create account

Account registration is not required in all cases. For example, if you only need to connect to a conference, then this procedure is completely useless, you just need to install the program. But to organize your video meetings, you still have to create an account.

Let’s take a quick look at this procedure:

  1. Go to the registration page .
  2. Select your date of birth here (data needed to verify age) and click on “Continue” .
  3. Now enter your own email address to which you have access.
  4. And in the field below – the symbols from the picture.
  5. Click on the “Register” button .
  6. Now go to your mail and open a new email.
  7. In it, click on the activation option.
  8. A page with a question in English will open. Select “No” and continue.
  9. Fill in the missing information: first name with last name, as well as a password to enter.
  10. Click on the “Continue” button .
  11. And then on “Skip this step

Now log into the account you just created on the desired device.

Program setting

During a video conference, it is very important that everyone can hear each other. Therefore, you need to preset the sound in the program. The same applies to videos. In this case, nothing will complicate communication.

In principle, you can skip this step if everything is in order. But if any problems are observed, then it is worth configuring:

  • Sound setting
  • Microphone
  • Cameras

Connection to the conference

It’s time to talk about how to become a participant in an online meeting. And there are two options. The easiest way is if you have been sent a connection link. If so, open it in any web browser, agree to launch Zoom Meetings and provide additional information if required.

The second option is not so convenient anymore, and you need to know at least the meeting ID. In the main window of Zuma, click on the “Enter” or “Enter the conference” button .

In the upper field, enter the same meeting ID, and below – your nickname. Disconnect the microphone and camera if desired, then you can return them. And now click on “Login” .

In the new window, enter the password, if required, and wait for permission to connect from the organizer.

Creating your own conference

But organizing your own online meeting is a slightly different process that requires a more responsible approach. First, the host needs to set up and schedule the conference. It is advisable to send out invitations to the participants in advance, launch it and remind everyone to connect. Therefore, this task is analyzed in a separate material .

Additional features

The Zoom service is loved by its users because of its high interactivity. It offers a ton of additional features worth knowing about. We will briefly analyze the most interesting of them:

    • Putting the microphone on the button is an important function that helps to avoid incidental situations when the sound is turned on, and in the background a person says something clearly off topic.


    • Virtual background – allows you to replace the background from the webcam with any other, for example, your own picture or video.
    • Masks like Instagram or Snapchat are various effects for the webcam, for example, a rabbit mask overlaid on the face, huge eyes, etc.
    • Conducting polls – allows you to find out the opinion of participants on a particular issue.
    • Adding a presentation


  • Screen and Music Broadcast – Display any window on the conference screen from your computer along with sound


Now you know almost everything about how to use Zoom on your desktop and mobile device, so you can easily manage your video conferencing setup. Moreover, this feature is present even on a basic (free) account

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