I can’t find a reason not to use Zoom!

So that’s it! I understand the difference between Zoom and Skype!


At the seminar, usability, stability of video and audio, built-in functions unique to online conference rooms, etc.

In comparison with Skype, now to introduce clearly the difference be.

If you imagine


Skype is the “net version of the phone.”
Users must register for an account and know each other’s Skype ID.


On the other hand, Zoom is the “net version of the conference room.”
Those who just participate do not need to register a troublesome account.
You can easily join by simply clicking the “Invitation URL” from the organizer.


Still, the decisive difference is that
Zoom has a more stable connection than Skype!


I was also a Skype user, but when 5 or more people participate, there is a high probability that someone’s connection will become unstable.
Key! I have many experiences of becoming.
If it was a paid online course, wouldn’t it be a good idea?


However, with Zoom, there is no problem with such a number of people.


From those who participated

●  I understand the difference between Skype! I felt that this should use Zoom.

● I used to use Skype, LINE, and Hangouts, but now I’m switching to Zoom!
I can’t find a reason not to use Zoom.


Impression that!


“Participation of Zoom pat kore! Zoom Beginners Seminar” is,

“I’m interested in Zoom, but I’m not sure how attractive it is …”

For such people


●  What is Zoom in the first place?

●  What kind of function does it have?

●  What can you do?

●  How is it different from Skype?


This is a seminar where you can actually use the functions of Zoom while explaining.


There were some people who said, “This is my first zoom!”

In just one hour, I was able to master the basic operations of Zoom.

“Zoom’s participation is perfect! Zoom Beginners Seminar” is being held at any time!
This is a seminar that makes you want to know more about Zoom and want to use it.



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