I can’t hear the interlocutor in Zoom

It is very unpleasant when you cannot hear the interlocutor in Zuma . In general, problems with sound greatly complicate communication in a conference, and the above case makes it simply impossible. And it is not always clear what to do and what to do. There are actually several ways to solve this problem in Zoom . We will analyze each of them in all details. Follow our guidelines to get sound back.

Ways to solve the problem

First, make sure you are connected to the audio conference. The relevant information is displayed in the lower left corner.

In the mobile application, there may be a button “Connect Sound” . In this case, click on it, and then on the item “Call using …” .In the program on the computer, there may be a button “Enter audio conference” . Click on it, and then – on “Login with …” in the new window.

If a microphone icon is displayed instead of the specified button, then nothing needs to be done.

The audio of all participants should now appear in the online conversation.

It is also possible that a particular person did not join the audio conference or turn on the microphone. He must check it himself, and you can ask him using the provided chat.


Incorrect program settings are another reason why the speaker cannot be heard in Zoom. He himself may have the wrong input device for the microphone or the volume is too low, and you may not have the right speakers and headphones. You can check it as follows:

  1. In the Zoom conference itself, move the mouse cursor over the “arrow” , which is located just to the right of the mute and unmute buttons.
  2. Click on it.
  3. In the context menu that opens, click on the “Settings …” item (at the very bottom).
  4. Use the “Check” button in the “Speaker” and “Microphone” blocks to make sure that everything works. If necessary, select other audio devices and adjust the volume.
  5. Close the settings window.


When you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone in Zoom, only the first solutions to the problem will help. This is due to the fact that the mobile application lacks advanced sound settings. As a matter of fact, there is no special need for them. Well, we will give some general recommendations on how to proceed:

  • Adjust the volume first.
  • Try disconnecting or connecting your headset.
  • Another option is to log out and re-enter the video conference.

It is also possible that the problem is related to the use of mobile Internet. So just in case, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network if you’re sitting at home, in a cafe, mall, etc

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